About Me
I’m Valerie- a twentysomething working girl in the Marketing/PR field.  I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my wonderful husband and adorable pup named Izzy.  Some of my loves are for running, Target, chocolate, couponing and some good reality TV. I’m in the midst of finding my style– in my closet, home, kitchen and beyond!

Becoming a Sponsor/Partnering with The Style Files:
I believe that a great way to drive traffic to your shop is through word of mouth from your networks, which could include featuring an item/storefront on The Style Files.  I’d be happy to review, feature, or wear items from your shop, as long as I feel it reflects my personal style.  I am open to customizing a sponsorship or partnership to fit your needs, whether you want to feature a giveaway, sponsored post, social media promotion or some other arrangement!  Please contact me for more information: thestylefilesblog at gmail dot com

img_0417Contact Me
-Email me at thestylefilesblog@gmail.com  thestylefilesblog (at) gmail (dot) com
-Become a fan on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/thestylefilesblog
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Looking for something in particular?  Check out some of my favorite style files:

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