Workweek Chic: Tips for Professional Headshots

Recently at work, we had our staff photographer set up a photo shoot (mainly for getting stock photos for my marketing needs) but we also offered head shots to staff!  I never had a professional headshot before and was so excited to have one so I meticulously planned out my outfit (actually, I picked out a couple of options and my husband made the final vote–he’s good for that when I can’t decide for myself!)

I knew I wanted to wear something bright but not too distracting to make my photo stand out on a LinkedIn profile, etc. so I opted for my gorgeous lace top from J. Crew Factory and added the black blazer over it for a traditional, polished look.

Shoes: Target
Cropped pants: Gap Outlet
Top: J.Crew Factory
Blazer: Old Navy

I’m such a fan of pink so I knew this would be my pop of color in the photos! (Also worn here.)

It was a fun process…I love being “on set!”

And here is the final result:
VP headshot
(Sidenote: I just can’t stand the little bang whispies I have!  I hair sprayed the crap out of it and had about 5 people lick their hand and make it stay down, but to no avail.  Oh well…I think everyone is overly critical of shots of themselves, don’t you think?)

Here are my tips for how to dress for a professional headshot.
1.  Be yourself- don’t dye your hair or wear a totally different look in terms of makeup or clothing style…you want it to be a reflection of you!
2.  Go with bright, simple colors.  To keep attention on your face, don’t wear a shirt with a busy pattern or distracting prints, which could “date” your headshot.
3.  Avoid accessories and jewelry with large details and loud colors.  You want the colors and the texture of your clothes to compliment your face and not to distract from it.
4.  Choose clothes that are comfortable and fit you well.  No amount of retouching will make the suit that’s two sizes too small look right on you!  You don’t want to look like you busted a can of biscuits and you don’t want to look like you are swimming in your clothes either, right?!  And make sure your clothes are clean and pressed and free of lint and pet hair!
5. Be sure to bring your makeup bag/mirror/brush or comb with you as well as a couple of clothing options/accessories if you can.  That way, if you wanted to freshen up or change out something you can do so!

And for your enjoyment, here is the blooper reel:
Starting with…the creepy washed up on a beach look!

Followed by the over-the-top faked enthusiasm pose!
And the obligatory Charlie’s Angels pose….
You’re welcome for the laughs. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Workweek Chic: Tips for Professional Headshots

  1. Ha! I love the blooper reel!!! 🙂

    If you send me the high res file, I can probably get rid of the whispies 😉

    You picked the perfect outfit! Gosh! I have no idea what I would pick if I had to do this. They offered it at work one day and I was on travel or something. My hair always looks cray cray. That would be my biggest concern. (This is the closest thing I have to a headshot. ha!

  2. I recently had a headshot taken for work and I could have used some advice beforehand! Mostly, though, I wish they had told us the color of the backdrop with was a weird sort of taupe instead of the gray or blue I was banking on. Oh well. I won’t even be using them for work.

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