Workout Log: Pinterest workouts and runner survey

Workout log for May 6- May 12:
May 6: Jillian Michael’s Six Week Six Pack DVD & 30 minute incline routine on the treadmill
May 7: 35 min, 3.8 mile neighborhood run, 1.25 mile walk with Izzy
May 8: 1.25 mile walk with Izzy, Blast the Belly Fat workout (tough but awesome!), Legs Cardio Circuit (1x), Arms Abs Circuit (1x)
May 9: 46 min, 5 mile run in neighborhood
May 10: rest
May 11: rest
May 12: 45 min, 3.5 mile walk

Whenever I am bored with a workout, I turn to Pinterest for all kinds of workouts and I store them on my phone so I can pull them up and do them anytime (even during a TV show!)  Check out my Pinterest board to see the workouts.  What do you do when you get bored with workouts?

And I am a little late on this, but I thought it would be fun to share my answers in the Running Survey Link Up!

Best Run Ever:  I’d probably say it was the Ringing in Spring 10k this past April.  Although it was really cold (I don’t run my best in cold temps), I PR’ed (only did 2 other 10ks before that) which was great and the whole time I felt so light and it felt effortless!

Three Words That Describe My Running: Focused. Therapeutic. Relaxing.

My Go-to Running Outfit: I usually opt for capri length or longer bottoms (depending on the weather) to avoid any and all chafing, which is the WORST thing ever!  I love bright and fun outfits and gravitate towards affordable brands like Champion (Target) and the Nike outlet.  I love to wear bright colored shoes and LOVE my Saucony shoes and opt for Champion ankle socks as well as their sports bras (they have an outlet where I get most of mine). And I am almost always wearing a headband of some sort to contain the millions of fly-a-way whispies I have going on!  As for tops, I love fun tanks…they are slowly taking over my old college soccer practice t-shirts!

Quirky habit while running: Hmm…well I usually listen to music and sometimes I kinda want to bust out some dance moves as I run but then I think I will get judged (That said, I usually save the dancing for when I’m on the treadmill in the basement at home behind closed doors! HA!)

Biggest Loser 1
Morning, mid-day or evening:
  Although I would love to workout in the morning before work and be done for the rest of the day, I’ve discovered that my body just doesn’t go as hard that early.  That said, I prefer running in the evening.  On the weekends, I love running in the morning–but at a more reasonable time like 9am or later (I love my sleep!)


I won’t run outside when: It’s really cold. Or when’s snowing or raining. Yep, I’m a wimp…or an old lady whose joints freeze up when it’s too cold!  During those cold Midwest winters, I hit the treadmill with a variety of routines–that way, I can still get my runs in and catch up on the Real Housewives.  Clearly, a girl has her priorities!

Worst injury and how I got over it: Knock on wood, I’ve never been injured by running. I’ve had some aches and pains that went away after some serious stretching and rest days but nothing besides some blisters!

I feel most like a badass runner when: I place in my age category among seasoned runners!  I also feel like a badass runner now that I’m faster and literally lighter on my feet after losing 30 pounds last year.

Potential running goal for 2013: Sign up for a half marathon (it would be my second ever) and beat my previous time (2:15ish).  Anyone have good suggestions in the IL/WI area?

Next race is:
-Color Run in Racine (non competitive)- May 25 (WI)
-Run for Boston 5k- June 15 (IL)
-Firecracker 5k- June 22 (IN)

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26 thoughts on “Workout Log: Pinterest workouts and runner survey

  1. I totally love the dance when I workout, but I agree i save it for when i’m by myself. I’m thinking of maybe starting to train for a half marathon.Not sure, have to give it some more thought. Good luck.


  2. I totally dance when I’m on the treadmill! I wonder what the other gym go-ers think of that? 🙂 As for fall half marathons, the only fall one I’ve run (that’s still around, anyway) is the Chicago Half Marathon in September. It would be kind of a pain for you to get to but it’s a really well-done race.

    • YAY- a fellow dance-runner!!! And I’m glad to hear that the Chicago Half is well done..I was considering that one because the timing seems ideal for me..I’d probably just crash in the city with a friend the night before but then again I like to be in my own bed and familiar environment the night before a big race…hmm! Decisions, decisions!

  3. Great post! If I had to post my mileage and time, I wonder if I’d be inspired to run a little faster and farther?! I used to be a serious runner, but have taken quite a bit of time off (wish I could say I had escaped injury!) and am very, very slowly getting back into it. This really helped inspire me — thank you!!!
    XO ~Kim @

  4. I’m a run-dancer and possibly worse – a run-singer! It distracts me! But I’m not a good singer so it can be comical. 🙂 I’m not quite up to a half, but I am looking for a 10k this year. Let me know which half you choose!
    – Heather

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