Workout log: Running in style…in public.

Workout log for April 22-28:
April 22: rest
April 23: 30 min, 3.5 miles outside (neighborhood)
April 24: 30 min, Jillian Michael’s kettlebell workout
April 25: 54:32, 6 miles (pace: 9:05) on the trail with Kim!  (She has a fancy Garmin that I’m envious of so I can tell you the exact pace/distance/time!)
April 26: 45 min, 4.75 miles outside (neighborhood)
April 27: 1 mile walk with Izzy
April 28: 1 mile walk with Izzy

Highlight of the week: Running with a buddy!  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I’ve run with someone (aside from races).  It was so nice to chat with her along the beautiful scenery on the trails!  (PS- Kim has some of the best running clothes ever.  Case in point: these running tights.  When I saw them, I had to copy her so we could be twinsies!)


Workout log for April 29-May 5:
April 29: 1 mile walk with Izzy
April 30: rest
May 1: 41 min, 4.3 miles outside (neighborhood run)
May 2: rest
May 3: rest
May 4: 3 miles on the trail with Katie, 1 mile walk with Izzy, Cardio & Ab Circuit
May 5: 33 min/ 3.5 mile neighborhood run, 1 mile walk with Izzy, arm circuit

This past week was very busy but I was glad I was able to get outside for a couple of runs!  I also met another fun running buddy this week!  Katie (who blogs at Live Half Full) is so sweet, and she also shares my affinity for Old Navy polka dot sweaters 🙂  And what’s even cooler is that she is spearheading a great event–the Run for Boston 5k on June 15th in Chicagoland.

The goal is to raise funds from sponsors so that 100 percent of race entries benefits the Who Says I Can’t Foundation and directly to support the rehabilitation of those who lost limbs as a result of the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.  If you are in the area, consider signing up to participate, volunteering or being a sponsor!  And if you don’t live in the area, you can always donate online.  Check out the website for all the details (and I’m sure you’ll stumble upon my guest post there too!)

And be sure to read my guest post on the Run for Boston 5k blog: What Running Means to Me!


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19 thoughts on “Workout log: Running in style…in public.

  1. Thats awesome, Valerie! I’m new to running and am a little shy about my pace/distance/stamina so far, but I’m SUPER excited to get to the point when I can run with my friends!

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