April 2013 Clothing Budget

April 2013 budgetThis month’s clothing budget was all about stocking up–especially because there were fantastic deals and sales to be found!  I should be all set in the blazer, dresses and tee department for a while now!

So here’s April’s spending:

1. Ann Taylor black blazer- Goodwill- $8
2. Yellow blazer- Goodwill- $5
3. Cream Ann Taylor blazer- Goodwill- $8
4. A collection of short to 3/4 sleeved tees- Old Navy- $48 (one worn here (Update: RETURNED ONE)
5. Linen shorts- Loft Outlet- $27 (worn here)
6. Pink teardrop earrings- Target- $8
7. Coral shorts- Old Navy- on clearance for $6
8. Floral clutch- Target- on clearance for $8.50
9. My favorite skinny jeans- American Eagle-$26.97 (worn here and here)
10. Orange v-neck tee- J. Crew Factory– $9 (worn here and here)
11. Red cardigan- Target- $10 (worn here)
12.  Chiffon top- Ella Lane– $14.98 (blog giveaway, paid shipping)
13. Coral dress- J. Crew Factory– $43
14. Coral striped dress- Target- on clearance for $14 (Update: RETURNED)
15.  Maxi dress- Target Daily Deal– $26.55

$263  Total spent
$48.00 — Income earned (consignment store sales)
$215  APRIL TOTAL- over budget by $15.  Not bad, but not terribly good- meh!  (Update: After returning two items totaling $20, I am actually under budget by $5!!!)

(I also picked up a few essential items for my cruise like a coverup and bathing suit and other necessities like a sport bra/underwear, but after consulting with some of you ladies last month, I decided that I won’t be including these in my clothing budget since they are essential items.)

-I am super excited about my new blazers from Goodwill.  I am really leaning towards these instead of cardigans as a layer since they are more professional looking and provide more structure than a cardigan.

-I really needed to stock up on tees for the spring/summer.  These will be great to layer or wear alone and were a great deal at Old Navy.

-Let’s talk about dresses. I’m a huge fan of dresses and wear them all the time- from get togethers to work.  (I also got an eyelet dress from Loft, but the pleats in the back are not very flattering, so that was returned.)

I LOVE the fit of the J. Crew Factory dress.  It fits true to size and looks A-MA-ZING!  I am waiting for a 50% off sale in stores again and might pick it up in another color 🙂

The Target striped dress has a similar cut although the skirt is quite full and makes me look a little large on the bottom so I’m going to see if my mom can work her sewing machine magic and take the skirt in a bit.

And I’ve always been on the hunt for a maxi dress and think I might have finally found it at Target!  Most maxi dresses I’ve seen have spaghetti straps and I wanted something that A- I could wear alone that didn’t require a strapless bra and B- didn’t make me look preggo.  I think this one might work..I’ll let you know how it goes! (Beware: If you are thinking about buying it, order a size down!  I usually wear medium, but got a small and it fits perfectly.)

How did you do this month?  Which purchases do you like from my budget?

Check out my previous clothing budget months here.

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22 thoughts on “April 2013 Clothing Budget

  1. Wow, you found some great deals! I am loving all the striped items… stripes are my favorite! I’ve been needing to go to Target and will have to check out their maxi dresses… that one looks fabulous on you!

  2. Nice! You got a tone of fun things this month! That coral dress is the perfect color, and the silhouette is classic enough to be worn and reworn many different ways! Coral is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors to wear 🙂


  3. Those blazers! I really want to find some more colorful options, but I’m not willing to pay the $50+ prices I keep seeing at Gap and other stores. I should check out the Goodwill!

    • I know- the $50 price point really makes me stop and think..especially for a colored blazer that I may not get as much wear out of versus a black business blazer. Goodwill is the BEST for finds like these–and great brands too if you’re lucky!

  4. The J. Crew Factory dress is adorable! I’m really looking forward to seeing that one on the blog. Also, I’m always so jealous of people who get good thrift store finds. I’m rubbish at thrift shopping!

    • Thanks Erin! I have plans to wear it to my brother-in-law’s graduation next weekend! And honestly- I was a bad thrift shopper until recently- I didn’t have the patience for it but if I just focus on one area (ie- blazer section), it helps and doesn’t get me overwhelmed! You, Kim and I should hit up our local suburban Goodwill for some goodies 🙂

  5. You got some killer deals! You did way better than meh!

    If only blazers were as comfortable as cardis 😉

    I really like the coral dress! And all the stripes!

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