Headed to the Emerald City…with a dose of violet.

I have no clue where Monday went.  Literally ran out of hours in the day between work and finishing up more painting from over the weekend. That said, today you get TWO outfits!

IMG_1692Shoes: Target (clearance buy!)
Pants: NY&Co
Tank: Gap Outlet
Blazer: Kohl’s (on super clearance)

Ok, so I know that emerald is the Pantone color of the year or whatever, but I don’t have anything emerald, so this was the closest I could come to it. (And bonus!  I did a little bit of pattern mixing with the shoes and tank…baby steps people!)  I do love the emerald color and it reminds me of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, which is one of my all-time favorite movies.  I grew up dressing as Dorothy for Halloween and my hometown has a Wizard of Oz festival every year…it’s a big deal- we have a huge parade with the munchkins that are still alive…it’s pretty neat!

IMG_1673Shoes: Target
Jeans: AE (my favorite jeans!)
Sweater & scarf: Gap Outlet

I am loving the color of this sweater!  It is a pretty violet/periwinkle tone, which works for  Heidi and Marissa‘s Pantone-inspired Spring Color Challenge!  I didn’t have this color in my wardrobe, but it is a very welcomed addition!  The sweater and scarf were from the Easter Bunny—which has incredibly good taste right?! 🙂 (And yes, I still get Easter baskets…and yes, I am totally ok with that.  In fact, I’m going to milk that as long as possible! HA!)

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Linking up with Heidi and Marissa for their Pantone-inspired Spring Color Challenge!

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22 thoughts on “Headed to the Emerald City…with a dose of violet.

  1. I’ve been seeing so many fun colored blazers in the blogosphere lately, it’s making me want to find one for myself! Your emerald blazer is so pretty!

  2. thank you for joining us with our pantone-inspired spring color link up. 🙂 i wasn’t sure that i had anything in a true emerald shade in my closet either, but i think your blazer totally works. i’m starting to think i need a colored blazer and colored pants after seeing so many great looks featuring each so far this week!

  3. I am crazy about your style and would wear every single thing in both of your outfits! The colors are both so pretty and I really like the patterns you’ve paired them with. I am so glad you joined us because I have discovered a lot of wonderful blogs, like yours! Thanks for linking up and I hope you’ll continue to join! 🙂

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  8. Your style reminds me so much of mine – very simple but very put together! 🙂 I love seeing your blog posts every day. I am so jealous of your colorful blazer collection – I’m dying for a coral blazer right now!!!


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