5 Days, 5 Ways: Casual Friday (Jeans)

So when I think of “dressing down” at work, I immediately think of my favorite pair of yoga pants jeans. Nothing says Casual Friday better than jeans, so that was the item I chose for the final day of the Five Days Five Ways link up!

Lately, my favorite go-to pair of jeans is from American Eagle.  They are low rise skinny jeans and they have a ton of stretch to them, which I am a HUGE fan of!  I also have some jeans with a little flair from AE that I wear from time to time.

I tried to choose some more bright/pastel looks in honor of spring so here goes!

IMG_1198Sweater: Target
Top: Old Navy
Boots: Aldo

IMG_1299Cardigan: J. Crew Factory
Tee: Target
Flats: Target

IMG_0794Worn here.

IMG_1133Worn here.

IMG_0835Worn here.

Which look do you like best?
casual fri jeans- 5 ways

I really enjoyed the link-up this week…really challenged me to rework the items in my closet!  Thanks to Fran and Whitney for putting it together!

Want to see a recap of the 5D5W looks I put together?  Here is the full week: tops, pants, accessories and dresses!

And FYI- Friday Faves will be back next week..I’ve got all kinds of instagood-ness to share then!

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PS- one thing you should know about me is that I LOVE a good jumping photo.  With that said, Happy Friday!!!!
(I must say, I was impressed with how this photo turned out…I took this photo by myself with a self-timer…thank goodness no one saw me doing this.)


26 thoughts on “5 Days, 5 Ways: Casual Friday (Jeans)

  1. Every time I see someone wearing AE jeans, I want to try them on. But then I do and they just don’t look as good on me as they do on other people! Yours looks amazing on you, though, so maybe I’ll try again.

    • This is exactly how I feel about AE jeans, too! A friend of mine who used to work for AE said that one season, they just sold last season’s men’s cut as the new women’s cut. I haven’t bought jeans there since. Every time I try, I go into the store and am intimidated by the trendy teenagers. Then I say loud things like “Well, at least I can drink alcohol legally and live with my boyfriend!!”

      Anyway, I love all these looks, but I think it’s a toss-up between the green sweater+purple shirt combination and the gray sweater with the small stripes. I should find something in my wardrobe that mimics these looks and wear it to campus because in grad school, every day is casual Friday, hurray!

      • That is wild! Yeah I feel really old walking in there sometimes…so many teeny boppers hanging around- I would totally say something like that- HAHA! I miss college campuses so much- I’d rock yoga pants every day for sure…siiigh, until then I will just have to embrace Casual Fridays!

  2. Great jumping photo! I always make the stupidest faces when I try action shots. I love all the bright colors in your 5 ways! Hooray for spring!

  3. Love how you made all your looks so different! AND so spring-y. It was freezing this past week, but now that we are on Spring Break, we are ready for spring weather! Hallelujah! Found you through Friday Fancies 🙂
    XO ~Kim @ popcosmo.com

  4. The middle look is my favorite! I love gray with that gorgeous shade of pink/coral! Cute jumping picture, too! I contemplated a jumping picture for my casual Friday post but just knew it would not turn out well with the self-timer, so I have a goofy sassy pose instead 🙂


  5. You are so cute! Love a good jumping picture ( you are obviously so much better at it than I am). I’m so glad you participated this week! loved seeing your style – I feel we have a lot in common in our closets!

    • Oh I love a good jumping photo (in fact, it was a requirement at my wedding HA!) This linkup was awesome- I had a fun time remixing items in my closet! It seems like we definitely do have some items in common..like that Old Navy striped dress- LOVE!

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