A to Z of Me!

I feel all out of whack after not posting on Monday (maybe that’s a sign I’m becoming a real blogger HAHA!)  But after a super busy weekend, crazy day workday on Monday and my first boot camp class in the 21 Day Skinny Jeans Challenge, I was pooped!

Nevertheless, I was able to get some outfit shots in the hotel room from over the weekend.  Dressing for the high school State Debate tournament is a pretty relaxed thing for the judges.  In fact, some of them were dressed like slobs (really people?!), but most were dressed in jeans and a nice shirt.   I always feel weird in jeans though because the debaters wear suits and always look so nice.  Weird, but oh well!

debate outfits

And now for some fun stuff…I found this great A to Z of Me from Jenn of West Sac Honey and I wanted to give it a whack!  Here goes nothin!

age – 27.  Or 15 or 50.  Depends on the day I suppose!

bed size – Queen (with an awesome gel top I might add.  Thank you Costco!)

chore you hate – Vaccuming.  Ugh!  We have a rolling canister vacuum and it’s awesome but I hate lugging it around and then it always rams into my ankles if I pull on it too hard to move it by me.  Ask my husband- he steers clear when it’s time to vacuum…no bueno!

dogs – Izzy.  Also referred to as Izzy Wizzy, Izzer Wizzer, Izz Dog, etc.  We got her two year ago from a local shelter when she was a pup.  They told us she was a labradoodle, but we think she is an Irish Wolfhound/Terrier/Doodle mix of some sort.  Only a doggy DNA test will tell!
essential start to your day – Snuggles from Izzy and a goodbye hug & kiss from my husband (he starts work much earlier than I do!)
favorite color – I love pink but lately I’ve been smitten with teal.
gold or silver – I used to be a strictly silver girl but I have been adding a lot of gold jewelry to my collection over the past couple years.
height – 5 feet 5 inches
instruments you play – I play the piano and violin (although I haven’t played either in a long time…I really need to dust off the violin though!)
job title -Marketing Communications Associate (and also unofficially- Chief Executive Baker)
kids – None at this point, but I’d love to have two (I grew up as an only child so I know I want more than one to see a different dynamic). But honestly, I’m happy with whatever God blesses us with when that time comes!
live – in suburbia.  And I like it that way!  I’m not a city girl but I’m glad it’s close if I ever want to go!
married – in 2009 to the love of my life! (FYI- I am a huge fan of jumping photos…)
nicknames – ValPal, Vallerina (creative I know)
overnight hospital stays – None thankfully!  (I’ve only had ER visits from food poisoning and a kidney infection.  Both were not fun.)
pet peeve – People who feel a sense of entitlement.  People who don’t follow through.  And when people don’t seam rip or remove the little “X” stitch in the back of a jacket or skirt.  Hello?!  Don’t you know you are supposed to remove that after you buy it?!
righty or lefty – righty all the way.
siblings – None- I’m an only child! 🙂
time you wake up – Usually around 6am to get some blogging done before the day gets away from me.  Love sleeping in on the weekends when I can though!
university attended -Valparaiso University.  (Did you hear?!  The Crusaders are in the NCAA tournament!  We play MSU on Thursday.  GOOOOO VALPO!)

vegetables you dislike – Brussel sprouts.  Eew.  And I haven’t tried okra but I have a feeling I wouldn’t like it…
what makes you run late – Blogging…I just get so caught up in it that I lose track of time!
x-rays you’ve had – Just my teeth from what I can remember.  No broken bones for me (knock on wood!)
yummy food – cupcakes, Chinese and chocolate.  The triple threat!  Everyday if I could. YUM!
zoo animal favorite – I love monkeys– they are just so cute!

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11 thoughts on “A to Z of Me!

  1. Love your post. I agree, i’m amazed at how poorly people dress. I know it’s only a highschool debate but people should always take pride in what they wear.



  2. Fun post!! I visited Valpo when I was looking at colleges and remember thinking, “So….where is the town?” Needless to say, I didn’t end up there!

    Izzy definitely looks like an Irish Wolfhound. How big is she?

    Also, I totally would have pegged you at taller than 5’5″. Funny how photography does that!

    • Yeah I love those kinds of things– they make for good writing prompts when nothing comes to mind…
      Too funny about Valpo- what a small world! As for Izzy, she weighs in at about 50 pounds which makes me think she’s mixed with a smaller breed in addition to the Wolfhound. And I wish I was taller…but I’ll take every inch I can get! 🙂

  3. Fun little list! I agree, everyone should take pride in how they dress, weather for an event (which counts extra) or even for the grocery store.
    I think brussles get a bad rapp, but they are actually really, quite good! Try ’em roasted, maybe you’ll have a change of heart.

    • Thanks Lyddie! Yes, I totally agree that people should take pride in their appearance. It’s all about how you want to be perceived to the world! And I may have to try roasted brussel sprouts. Lucky for me (or not so lucky for me), my husband loves them so I’ll probably give them another go!

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